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Grow your own veggies, fruits & fish

Have you ever attempted and would like to grow veggies and fruits at home, maybe some tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, strawberries and herbs… It is fun & exciting to see them grow. Kids are especially excited to feed fish.

Roof, Yard or Balcony

Do you have a small roof, a yard or maybe a balcony, than here is the solution for you. A self sustaining, space saving and economic system. Yes that’s right, a self sustaining method of growing vegetables, fruit and fish to contribute to a healthy diet.

Simple but Powerful

It is the most efficient water saving form of agriculture known and the system is highly space efficient as it can be installed in even the tiniest of spaces making it very suitable for urban agriculture.




1. the introduction of something new or different

2. a new idea, method, or device

First Residential Model of Bio Aqua Garden
Wait no further, with a little investment now you can achieve a great return, but most of all its fun for you and your family and you will be taking control of what you eat for better, healthy living.

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8th – 10th July

Cucumbers are growing everywhere while we have harvested lot’s of cherry tomatoes and they taste yummy…there are many more to come and not to forget corn cobs, which are doing great!

Contact us if you have any question or would like to setup a meeting.

25th – 26th June

Two weeks after and some cherry tomatoes are ready to harvest while cucumber just coming out.

10th June

Bio Aqua Garden producing cherry tomatoes and cucumber has grown a lot for last couple weeks..

3rd – 4th June

Bio Aqua Garden has produced one more full grown lettuce while cherry tomatoes are growing really fast.

28th – 29th May

First lettuce is fully grown and cherry tomatoes are out. They are loving Bio Aqua Garden.

25th May

Plants are coming out of grow bed in Bio Aqua Garden

20th – 21st May

Wood is installed and plants are loving to grow in Bio Aqua Garden

15th – 17th May

Now every 2 days after you can see difference in plants! Some more cultures: corn, peppers, cucumber, etc.

12th – 13th May

4-5 days after and you can see difference!

8th May

Plants 3 days after and some more cultures: papaya, cherry tomatos, red leaf lettuce and chives garlic plant

5th May

First day of planting: mint, rosemary, lettuce, oregano and basil

Installation day

First day installing greenhouse and Bio Aqua Garden in Malta

Trusted Expert Support

BioAquaGarden is proud to be one of the pioneers, continuously doing research and developing since early 2010. Nowadays BioAquaGarden is the only company who guarantees successful farming of tasty fresh-water fish together with home grown fresh and healthy produce using BioAquaGarden system.

Easy Installation

BioAquaGarden will install and setup complete system, including growing media, fish and first plants to get you started with your own BioAquaGarden system.
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